Highlights: in some periods of the year we offer the possibility to participate in the harvest of the fruits of our trees: cherries in late May, almonds in late August and olives in November.


May: Cherries
June/July: Peaches, Apricots, Prunes, vegetable garden
September: Almonds
November: Olives, khaki, pomegranates

In the morning, surrounded by the silence of nature and the joy of birds chirping, we offer you the breakfast served outside during the summer and in breakfast room in the winter. Every day the table is full of local delicacies, all genuine and natural, including fresh fruit,homemade cakes with organic and local ingredients, pastry croissants, bread made with organic flour, jams produced only with our untreated fruit, milk, yoghurt, coffee, juices..
Colors and flavors transform the moment of awakening in a renaissance, the rebirth of the five senses.

Free WiFi is available throughout all the rooms and provides access to the Internet and to the information content of the Intranet.

Rent a Bike
The best way to enjoy our countryside is a bike ride. Whether you are professional biker or not we will try to satisfy your requests. Bike associations with whom we are in contact, will provide information and the material support you needs.

Rent a plane
Only for our guests we offer the opportunity to live a unique experience, to see the Puglia from the sky.

Life in Countryside
The countryside gives us, every year, a chance to see the changing of the seasons, since trees and plants follow the natural cycle of life. So in spring trees and fields in bloom cheer us up with their colors, and make us a foretaste of the fruits that soon we will eat. From the end of May until about mid-June, our trees are tinged with red, the color of cherries, with an exceptional taste. Here, at our home, you can enjoy your cherries directly under the tree, a unique flavor, we assure you! Between June and July you can taste succulent peaches, apricots, plums, pears and excellent early figs, all strictly untreated. The emotions are not finished yet! A small vegetable garden is ready for the harvest and especially the tasting of products. If summer offers us so many colors and flavors, autumn does not disappoint because there are green olives. Collect and carry them to the mill for grinding in the same day is a beautiful experience, because from there shortly, we know that we will be inebriated by the smell of freshly-pressed oil and from its flavor, unique and intense, bitter and a bit racy as the extra virgin must be! We will be happy to share with you experiences, smells and tastes of our daily life, hoping that your trip in Puglia left in you a positive emotion.


Free Wi-Fi

Satellite TV

Turistic flight

Free parking

Closet with hangers

No Smoking rooms

Luggage storage

Breakfast in the room